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Combat Sports Highlight what matters with myDartfish S.

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Swimming Underline what the video reveals with myDartfish Ski Underline what the video reveals with myDartfish Others Highlight what matters with myDartfish S. Healthcare myDartfish Live is the best video technology solution for your patients. Education The smartest collaborative workspace to master any video-based workflow in sports performance and motion analysis.


Dartfish TV The central place for everyone's work. Video Replay At Dartfish we believe technology should support fair judgments and fact-based decisions in Sport. Broadcast Interested in an Emmy awarded broadcast solution? Mobile S Bring data intelligence to your sport. Go mobile. Free Trial. Video files are huge. Even compressed, low-resolution videos will hog storage space on your mobile device. They need to leave.


One option is to export the files to your camera roll then upload them to your computer. However, moving them from the app, to your camera roll, to your computer is time consuming. Great playback, remember? Those things matter, but not nearly as much as how the app handles storage and sharing. It works like this: From the app you have the option to upload the video to cloud storage. You get room for 3 videos in your cloud locker.

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Storing your video files is an ongoing cost, which is why the apps charge a subscription fee. All 3 apps offer some storage and sharing for free, to get you started. So to recap: But if you need storage and sharing, the initial price of the app is not what you need to worry about. Sharing videos and uploading video to cloud storage requires an Internet connection and takes a lot of data. These are the questions you need to ask:. Many coaches will pay the price out of their own pockets — because coaches are awesome that way. We really like Ubersense.

It has a great system for tagging videos by athlete name and technique. This is super helpful for keeping your files organized. We also like that you can create a team for easier sharing. Ubersense has a great dashboard with videos organized by athlete name and technique. The company works hard to create a sense of community and their tutorials are excellent. Their pricing structure makes video analysis tools accessible to everyone.

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The downside is slightly lower quality. For example, you have to switch through too many settings to use the draw tools. The video lost the most quality when it uploaded to Ubersense.

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Ubersense often prompts you to upgrade to Elite. Check current rates on Dropbox to get an idea of standard online cloud storage costs. Voice commentary, text commentary, draw tools, side by side comparisons etc. In Dartfish Express you take a freeze frame, then do your analysis on the still shot.

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You notice one of your skiers, call her Sue, flicks her pole tip forward before she plants it. You hit the microphone button and start talking, explaining her error. As you talk, you use the scroll wheel to slow down the video, back it up, replay it, and draw a circle around her pole tip. Go to the email with the attachment at the bottom and hold down your finger on any of these attachments: How do I delete a video from my Camera Roll? Go to your Camera Roll where you see the different videos, and depending on your device, look for the box with the arrow coming out of it.

Copy the videos you'd like to have added to your iOS device s into that folder.

Review of Top 3 Sport Video Analysis Apps

Check the box next to: Sync Photos and videos from the desired folder on your PC. Be sure to check the box next to Include videos.

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Stay tuned: Sorry folks, our focus is currently on developing an exciting new 2. CoachMyVideo Mobile for Android is still under development.