Can you switch an iphone 5 to straight talk

No contact is not the same as unlocked, where you can change sim card as much as you want and the phone will not lock to any of them. Don't think that you can get StraightTalk sim cards any more. Jul 5, 5: Straight talk is doing away with them but you can still by a sim cutter and make your own or buy one from Amazon like I did. YouTube will teach you anything you need to know. Aug 20, 6: We can port them to Verizon if we want. Verizon has to hook them up to a computer because they are CDMA but there is no issue to go to another carrier. May 21, Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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Desktops Speciality level out of ten: ZagrosSadjadi ZagrosSadjadi. Straight Talk "technical support" agents are spectacularly ignorant of iPhones. I am glad to hear it worked out. I appreciate you taking the time to leave an update. Regards Bob. So how did you get them to finally activate it on straight talk?

I am trying to get this done now. Just got a Verizon iPhone 5S. How do I go about making the switch? Just simply pop my active SIM into the new phone? Appreciate the help. Give it a try. My iphone 5s is from verizon. I have a verizon iPhone 5s , that I want to turn into straight talk. I went through the activation process on the ST website.

I cannot use the Data, Calling or Texting. Did you create a straight talk account online? If so, when you log into this account does it show your phone as active? Did you transfer your number? If so try resetting your phone and see if it activates.. Hi Bob. I would love your help. I recently purchased a Verizon iPhone 5s from a friend. I bought the ST kit and followed the steps online to transfer my current number and service from Verizon. I used the Verizon sim card in the kit as well. It took 3 days for new phone to be activated. I can receive texts and calls but it has yet to have cellular service, and it has now been 1 week.

I was literally on the phone with ST for over an hour and got nowhere. They then told me it was the sim card and they were gonna send me a new one free of charge of course another week most likely without cellular service. We have tried all of the resets with no luck and have also followed APN set ups on youtube.

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Should I switch out the sim for that one?? And if so how do I register that sim? If I could avoid calling those people again I would love it. Very frustrating.

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Thank you!! Hi Buffy, Sorry to hear about your trouble switching. You were originally a Verizon customer before trying to move to Straight Talk correct? Was there a reason you chose Verizon? Is their network better in your area? Are you sure the sim is activated?

Do you know if att has coverage in your area?

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So if I just buy the kid and have my straight talk service transferred to the new sim card I can just put the sim card in my iphone 5c and it will work? Which Straight Talk network are you currently using? The att sim will work in the phone. Do you know if att works in your area?

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You can buy the kit or order the sim online, which might be cheaper because you can just order the sim. Literally saved my teacher from just giving up and returning the iPhone back to her workplace she bought it from them. Its a good thing. Is this even possible? Thanks for any clarification! Start by reading the article I linked to in the red box at the top of this page. I am getting ready to activate a iPhone 5c from Verizon, should I reset it back to factory settings before I insert the ST sim card? My mother gave me her iPhone 5 the other day, she just upgraded to 6, through Verizon, and I currently have a straight talk phone.

Can I continue using Straight Talk and transfer to the iPhone 5? Thanks for your time Bob. Hi Cody, Take a look at the article again, and the one I linked to in the red box at the top of the page. Do you know which straight talk network you are currently using? ATT, Verizon, tmobile, or sprint? Verizon will expect you to pay the Early Termination Fee if you cancel your contract. My residence only picks up verison in my community.

I want to use the iPhone 5c on the straight talk verison network like the 4s I own, is that possible? Hi Michele, Take a second look at the article again. Read the paragraph in the red box. Follow the link to the article mentioned there. However, realized that this phone typically gets 3G and the best case LTE with only one bar or dot.. My question here is would I get better signal on my iphone5 if I switched it to ST? I am still somehow confused by what network ST uses since they do not have their own network. Thanks a lot, Shun. Your phone would be on one of those four networks.

This is a limitation that Verizon places on prepaid customers. Run speed test and see what that looks like. Check out those articles. Leave a follow up comment if you want more help. I am trying to work with a few readers to find out if they can really get these phones working with Straight Talk. Thanks so much! Read the article I linked to in the big red box at the top of this article. A friend gave me her Verizon iPhone 5 — will that work with my sim card? Hi Katherine, Se my reply here: Hi Bob- I have a Verizon iphone 5. I have two questions.

I therefore use the Verizion network extender that operates via WiFi. My wife has a Verizon iphone 4s that is on ST, and it still works fine with the network extender. Will that be an issue? Please help and Thank You in advance! So I just registered my iphone 5s I bought used verizon iphone on ebay. Its been over an hour. They say it should be minutes up to 24 hours. The iphone is acting like a verizon phone. When I reboot it says no service and to call verizon. Is this normal or am I super impatient? Old phone still works fine.

In my past porting has always sucked, with both phones running, text on one and call on the other, no indication of loss of service etc. Is that not required for cdma or something? Allyson, Do you have an account on the straight talk website? If so log in and see what the status of your phone is. Sometimes you need to click a button there to activate.

Let me know Regards Bob. Please contact Customer Support for further information. Hi HeyThere, Were did you get this phone from? Do you know if the phone was previously used with Straight Talk? Sounds like the ESN is listed as part of someone elses account. You should be able to get them to delete the phone from their account.

Try starting from here. I have a verizon iphone 5 and have be trying since Sunday March 29 to get the phone working on straight talk. Could you please help so I can figure out what i need to do to get the phone working. Hi Christina, Reread this article and the one linked to in the red box.

Switch Your iPhone from AT&T to Straight Talk in 4 Simple Steps

Decide which Straight Talk network you want to use. If you want to use the Verizon SIM, start here: Thanks for your conformation of this process, Bob. I too was given the run-around from the Straight Talk folks. Be advised that straight talk is now also activating the Verizon iphone 5 on their Verizon network if you phone is eligible. Read this article, and the comments there for more information.

Thanks for the confidence booster. Hi Bob, I am now looking to get my daughter an iPhone 5s or 5c to use on straight talk. I read through this article and the one on 4g LTE. We live in an area where Verizon has the best coverage followed by ATT. I am interpreting based on your other article that Verizon iPhone 5s will now work on the Verizon portion of Straight Talk? What about phones that are T-Mobile or Sprint? Will they not work as well in my area? You can call Straight Talk or start the sign up process online.

If you search smartphonematters you should be able to find some previous articles outlining the steps. I am finding that not all Iphones are compatible and their website lies. I bought a used Iphone 5s because of this article and the ST site said it was compatible. After buying the sim card I tried to register the phone and it says the phone is not compatible with ST! Hi Melissa, Your phone will work with the Att network. You simply need to activate the sim and put it in your phone. I believe several readers have reported the similar issues in the comments on my article about the straight talk Verizon network.

You have to register your phone before you do anything with a SIM. Is there a way around not registering it? Melissa, That was the one of the main points of my article. Thank you Bob! Alright I bought the wrong card then. Have you ever tried to activate one online. When you call that is the first thing they want!

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You have a st phone? Bob I guess I am confused now. I have purchased a used Verizon Iphone 5s. I bought the att access code but it still wants me to register the phone. It will not let me register the phone. Says it is not compatible. Can I bypass this and just get a new phone number or is there a way I can keep my plan? Enter the serial number of the sim. Is the web site asking you for both the sim serial number and the phones meid?

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In this video, I'll Straight Talk offers the Verizon service where you use your phone. Straight Talk uses Your Emily May 20, at 7: Bob Thompson May 25, at 8: Alice Phillips February 19, at 3: Bob Thompson February 19, at 5: Magan February 16, at 1: Bob Thompson February 16, at 7: Bob Anderson December 19, at 1: Bob Thompson December 19, at 9: David O'Shea November 30, at 2: Bob Thompson November 30, at 8: Timmy Saechao November 25, at 6: Bob Thompson November 25, at 8: Timmy Saechao November 28, at Bob Thompson November 28, at 7: Justin November 13, at Bob Thompson November 14, at RyAnne Young April 30, at 8: Bob Thompson May 1, at 8: Melissa April 8, at 8: Could it be because Straight Talk only has 16GB iphones?

Mine is a 64 GB. Bob Thompson April 8, at 9: Melissa April 8, at Bob Thompson April 8, at 2: Melissa April 9, at Gage burns April 1, at I need to get a profile for my strightalk date plan.

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