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Screenshots Click to enlarge. What's New in iOS Version 1. What's New in Windows Phone Version 2. PC Programs. Mobile Applications. Join the community More than ,, players. Join us on Facebook 2,, in the community. Follow us on Twitter , subscribers. Watch us on YouTube , subscribers. Select a region. North America: It isn't too hard to explain but it is a lot easier to download WoTB on your device and imagine instead of driving a tank to be driving a battleship.

I personally won't play it since I can play the full version, but I am excited to see how it does it.

The economy, consumables, mission system, and camo system is all very similar to Warships. To the point where I actually prefer Blitz over normal PC tanks. If you browse the Wargaming Careers page, you might've already figured out they're making WoWs Blitz a while ago.

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Too many programs running, WoWs on medium graphics, heating vent next to it on cold day, using an octopus plug for my old early 's PC. Computer got extremely overheated and then sparks flew around the plug possibly lint or something was in it. Learned my lesson the hard way, glad I didn't get a darwin award! My only concern aside from the implementation of mechanics is the absolute tumor that is the WoTB community which would also be in on WoWS Blitz action, who are in general the antithesis of the WoWS community: The reload time in WoTB feels a bit wacky to me though since those guns of the same size reload way faster in WoWs.

I hate playing on phones. I just wish they would release a console version. I have more friends that would division with me there. Ios garbage specific again. So no chance for beta on any other device and thus no chance at the alpha and beta reward.

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Wot generals has still not been released to android. I just played my first training battle.

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Feels like a hybrid of a couple other ships games for iOS and it really reminds me of Steel Ocean as well for some reason. Whoa, wait!

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  6. I may have to check this out. I also hope that this dosn't take long because i an really excited to play this game. For better performance, enable JavaScript in your browser.

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