Story of car accident caused by cell phone

February 20, 7: John Binkowski's car was slammed into by a semi in Ind. The semi driver was later found to be texting at the time of the crash. Authorities said she may have been texting and driving at the time of the crash. John Binkowski sounded exasperated. His life was forever changed on a Region roadway three years ago, he said, "All because of a cellphone. Because a guy wanted to be on a cellphone.

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The thenyear-old had never driven that route before. He said he didn't find out until later, but the semi driver who rear-ended him at 65 mph was texting at the time. In , distracted driving took 3, lives in the United States, accounting for almost 10 percent of fatal crashes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports. While that category includes anything that diverts a motorist's attention, such as eating and drinking or changing the radio station, the NHTSA calls texting "the most alarming distraction" because it often takes a person's eyes off the roads for five seconds or more.

At 55 mph, that's the equivalent of driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. Even though three times as many road fatalities are attributed to drunken driving , the National Safety Council estimates that half of deadly crashes involving cellphones are unaccounted for. The NSC found that many states don't have fields in their police reports to properly capture the number of accidents caused by distracted driving.

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More than half lack entries for texting while driving and hands-free cellphone use. Indiana's crash reports don't include fields for texting, talking on cellphones, hands-free cellphone use and many other common electronic distractions. The state only has labels for general cellphone use and non-technology distractions. Indiana only attributed two of its fatal accidents in to cellphone distraction. Steven Trajkovich, an accident investigator with the Lake County Sheriff's Department, said he believes electronic devices are causing an increase in crashes, though not necessarily fatal ones.

Either way, he said, cellphone use during an accident is hard to prove.

Study: Majority of car accidents caused by distracted driving

Police must have probable cause to confiscate the device and then get a search warrant to go through the phone. Usually, Trajkovich said, you have to catch drivers "redhanded," with them admitting to using their cellphone or a witness seeing them do it. Investigators also may have to subpoena phone records, often facing push-back from the driver's lawyers and cellular companies. And carriers only retain the content of text messages for a matter of days, if at all.

In the early morning of Oct. He was on the side of the road having his broken-down pickup towed. The Gary man was knocked out of his shoes, flipped a few times and landed on top of the tow truck, dying of his injuries, police said.

Family shares story of teen who died in crash: 'Even if it just saves one life'

The driver, Jessica Bahena-Alvarez, fled from the scene. Her vehicle was identified as having struck the victim, in part, from the silver hair stuck to her broken windshield. Bahena-Alvarez eventually pleaded guilty to one count of criminal recklessness, a Level 6 felony, and was sentenced to two years in Lake County Community Corrections, a state-administered work-release program.

Barloga said he's heard many stories in recent years of pedestrians, bicyclists in particular, who have been hit by drivers assumed to be looking at their devices. Although this story may have created with good intentions — after all, more than a quarter of car accidents in involved some form of cellphone use — this rumor is little more than unsubstantiated scarebait.

Family shares story of teen who died in crash: 'Even if it just saves one life' | KMTR

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Claim Paramedics found the upper half of a woman's body clutching her phone in the aftermath of a car accident caused by texting while driving. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. A witness describes chilling moments leading up to a deadly bus crash that killed 13 people in Texas. HOUSTON - The driver of a pickup truck that collided with a church minibus in rural Texas, killing 13 people, apologized after the crash and acknowledged he had been texting while driving, a witness said Friday. Jody Kuchler told The Associated Press he was driving behind the truck and had seen it moving erratically prior to the Wednesday collision on a two-lane road about 75 miles west km of San Antonio, near the town of Concan.

Kuchler said the truck had crossed the center line several times while he followed it. Kuchler said he witnessed the crash and afterward, he checked on both the bus and the truck and was able to speak with the driver, who has been identified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as year-old Jack Dillon Young, of Leakey, Texas.

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  • I was texting. Department of Public Safety Sgt. Conrad Hein declined to comment on Friday on the cause of the crash or if texting might have played a role.