Best alarm app for android phone

It also guides if your sleeping habits are not okay and how can you improve them.

10 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android Users | Edition

According to users, this app is really helpful, and you might be able to improve your sleeping habits drastically. This app is especially designed for selfie lovers as it requires you to take a selfie in order to turn of the alarm.

These Apps Put Time on Your Side

Also, the selfie needs to be taken in an environment which is well lit! It has used a different concept and thus has become popular among heavy sleepers who need alarm clock app to wake up timely. This app can be highly useful is counted among one of the best alarm clock app for android users. This is yet another free alarm clock application that will help you in setting multiple alarms. You can customize it according to your needs. Also, the interface is visually pleasing as it has a dark interface. Heavy sleepers can put a pre-alarm as well which will help you wake up gradually and activating sleep tracker for bedtime notifications.

This alarm clock application can be used for every type of users despite their age group and interest. This one is next-gen alarm clock app for Android users. It is even equipped with cloud integration to enhance user experience. Also, with this you can synchronize your alarm with various wearable devices. This app has secured a place in the list of best free alarm clock app android because in this there are many options for turning off your alarm. You can either shake your phone, scream loud or just touch to turn off the alarm.

This is one of the most trusted alarm clock applications for android. You too should use it and never be late for anything. It is simple looking application which has impressive themes. This is similar to other apps on the list as it requires you to solve Mathematics problems to put off your alarm. If compared with other applications on the list, this is least reliable app. You ask why?

Well, you can easily put it on snooze and continue sleeping. The app has feature of eliminating advertisements as well so that you can enjoy seamless experience. This one has all the features you might need in an alarm clock application and is optimal for those who are not English speakers. Also, there are many other features such as:. Extremely simple app which is known for doing wonders.

You can opt for this application as well for improving your sleep habits.

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This highly irritating alarm clock application will require you to wake up from your bed and physically spin your phone. You can opt for this if solving math problems and shaking your phone seem ineffective for you. This alarm clock can be relied upon without doubts!

This is best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers who find it extremely difficult to wake up on time. It induces a sleep analysis which eliminates the need to sleep with your phone. It has a premium version as well that has some advanced features that include sleep notes, analysis of long term sleep trends, online backup and many more. This one is favorite of users because you can keep your phone away and yet analyze your sleep like a pro!

Best alarm clock apps for Android and iOS

Efficient application which is worth giving a try! It is an ultimate tool that you might need for waking up on time. It has in-built free sleep tracker, stopwatch, and timer. The best part about this application is that it gently wakes you up by playing your favorite music. If statistics are trusted, then more than 30 million android users are using it for waking up on time. This best free alarm clock app Android can be used to jump start your day without any type of delay! These apps are unique and best in the industry!

Editors' Choice. Alarm Clock Labs Productivity. Add to Wishlist. Picture dismiss mode - Take a picture of a place where you want to turn off the alarm clock. If bathroom is the registered place, wake up and take a picture of the bathroom. Our alarm app has been cleverly designed to force you out of your sleep by giving you various missions.

For photo mode, you set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house.

Game Up Alarm Clock app won't let you fall asleep

Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stop ringing is wake up from your sleep and go take a photo of the registered area. Also includes math problem mode where you have to solve math problems for the alarm clock to turn off. For "shake mode," you have to shake a preset from 30 to amount of times for the alarm clock to turn off. It has been featured in Gizmodo, Cnet, and at Huffington Post, and is currently 1 in its category in 97 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea.

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Users are truly enjoying this alarm app and many have devised their own unique methods around the alarm app's requirements. For instance, you could register the foot of the bed as your location, then you would only need to wake up enough to take a picture of the foot of your bed and then go right back to sleep.

Wake up right (and rested) with the best alarm clock apps for Android and iOS

Of course, this totally circumvents the whole purpose of the app but has become a fun pastime for many users. Works Better Than Other Alarm Clocks Other creative locations that users have come up with include the ceiling of their room, a nightstand, or the floor. Though our alarm app has sparked lots of interest and has proven to be really entertaining, it will definitely force you out of sleep.

If you absolutely MUST get up on time for an important appointment or job interview, then this alarm clock is the perfect solution. Reviews Review Policy. Meet Alarmy, new and improved!