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HTC used some of the best LCDs in the business - it's bright, has a high contrast ratio and great viewing angles. The black levels are also quite good for such a bright LCD. Their issue is calibration, but Samsung has finally gotten it perfect - the Galaxy S5 has several screen modes and the Cinema mode gives you the most accurate color rendering.

The reflectivity is, in fact, a very important consideration. Both phones use Gorilla Glass 3 for protection, but Samsung's screen reflects less light, making it a lot easier to read in direct sunlight. Samsung's screen also has a high-sensitivity mode that works with gloves and allows the phone to detect your finger hovering over the screen. That's used for the Air View gestures.

Samsung Galaxy S5. Better sunlight legibility is the biggest contributor for the win, but details like more surface area, perfect contrast and colors, the sensitivity start to pile up quick. The HTC One M8 certainly has a great display, let down in this head to head comparison mostly by its relatively higher reflectivity. The two competitors are very close in terms of battery capacity - 2,mAh for the Galaxy S5 vs. Still, with both devices toping 20 hours, it's enough that other uses web browsing, videos, etc.

The Galaxy S5 also outlasts the One M8 in browsing, though only by half an hour. At equal brightness, the half hour of the Galaxy will extend a bit more. S5-marginal Battery Life: Aadrian, 17 Apr I don't even need to read this comparison to know the S5 would be considered better in almost You cannot expect all phones to have same body build, it's all about bringing the best out of the type of body you choose and tell the world "nothing can be better".

HTC fanboy! I don't even need to read this comparison to know the S5 would be considered better in almost every aspect, of course.

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But if there's a tie in build quality I'm not gonna take it seriously anymore. AnonD, 17 Apr I agree with you. Experience is what should be seen.

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Even I feel M7 experience is better then What is design in a slippery aluminium? Even with the design you're talking about with a little dropping contact with floor, it will be scratched all over. And in fact you cannot use it without a cover.


So when you cover the slippery and glossy aluminium design, what will you see? Use your head man.

Even I feel M7 experience is better then S5 and M7 appears faster. But looking to size of M8, I find S5 experience better. Also Camera of M7 and I think M8 are no match. Overall S5 wins except in design. In this review, I'll differ on some points: It should not be a tie.


Samsung is not as smooth and effective as Sense. Sense is more polished and sober. Screen of HTC is sharper but not punchy. Here both phones did excellently with the Galaxy S5 having a small lead.

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The two flagships are quite close in terms of performance. The faster CPU and perhaps some software tweaks helped the Galaxy S5 pull ahead in web browsing performance too. Samsung Galaxy S5. Having a bit more CPU oomph, which in turned boosted web performance, give this victory to the S5. It's a narrow victory as the One M8 held its own in 3D gaming and is still one of the fastest phones around. November edition Smartphone buyer's guide.

GSMArena team , 17 April Leather and steel Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One M8. Performance Both flagships are powered by Snapdragon chipsets but, somewhat obscured in Qualcomm's naming convention, the two aren't quite the same. GFX 2.