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You Don’t Need a Fitbit…

Argus for iOS Android Free. These apps offer GPS tracking functionality, but be aware that these apps may drain your battery faster than their GPS-free counterparts! Map My Walk owned by Under Armour is one of the best-known apps on this list. The app tracks your walking distance, pace, and calories burned as well as your route. You can then share your route with friends, or explore other walking routes near you for new adventures. Walker has similar features to Map My Walk without the large focus on community interactions.

You can see overviews of your activity at a glance, as well as a daily step count, and activate your GPS tracking for dedicated walks. Walker for iOS Free. Want to really step up your step count? Challenge yourself by competing with other users in these pedometer apps.

The best fitness tracker apps

Some of the best motivation Fitbit provides is its ability to compete with friends and family members across the globe. Instead, download the app and then select No Fitbit Yet when creating an account.

2. Runtastic Steps

Fitbit for iOS Android Free. Want the fun of competing with others without having to interact with people directly? Quped is an app developed by researchers at the University of Glasgow. Instead of comparing you with individual people, you can see how your stats stack up with norms for people of the same age and gender as you. Quped for iOS Free. Sure, being healthy is its own reward. But with these apps you can also earn reward points 6 Websites and Apps That Reward You for Being Healthy 6 Websites and Apps That Reward You for Being Healthy Staying motivated to get fit can be hard, but with these apps and websites, you'll get rewarded for eating right, exercising, and losing weight.

Read More , discounts, or donations to charity simply by walking more. Want a great way to teach your child about being physically active and giving back to those in need? Steps earned and challenges completed result in points that are then turned into food donations organized by Unicef. Winwalk is a basic pedometer app that transforms your steps into points, which you can then redeem for gift cards and discounts to major brands. Every steps is equal to one coin, with a maximum of coins per day. Rewards available are based on your location. Winwalk for Android Free.

Instead, try out one of these apps for a few weeks or longer to see if it provides enough motivation for you to change your physical activity habits. It works well for the minimalists out there. The app requires no sign-in, no cloud service, and also no GPS tracking. It just counts your steps with the sensors on the device. Some of the other features include themes, report graphs, and optional backup to Google Drive. All of the features are usable in the free version. It does have the occasional problem, but most seem to like it. We did too. MyFitnessPal Price: MyFitnessPal is one of the most powerful step counter apps.

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It also does a whole bunch of other things. Most people use the app for calorie counting, macro tracking as in, how many carbs one consumers daily , fitness tracking, water tracking, and, you guessed it, step tracking. Of course, step tracking is but one of many features. Thus, those looking for a simple app may want to look elsewhere.

1. Zombies, Run!

Otherwise, this is a powerful and popular app in this space. It does require a subscription for all of the features, though, and that subscription is rather pricey.

Pedometer Price: Pedometer is another simple pedometer app. This one also works best for planned workouts. Thus, you can use it for that run or walk you planned on taking. That said, the app is completely free with advertising so it's a little difficult to complain too much about a lack of features. It's definitely good for what it does, though. Pacer Health's Pedometer and Step Counter app is one of the more popular step counter apps.

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It lets you tweak the step counter sensitivity in a lot of ways. Thus, it has a good chance of being accurate for your needs. The premium read: Thankfully, the subscription price isn't overly bad. Other than the occasional hiccup, the app also works pretty well. Yep, we have some more recommendations for you here! Runkeeper Price: Runkeeper is one of the most popular pedometer apps.

In fact, tracking your runs and walks is the whole point of the app. The app features workout tracking, goals, fitness routines, progress reports, and more. It also includes community challenges, exercise rewards, and other little things for motivational purposes. The subscription version also includes better workout support, better progress tracking, and live tracking support. The free version should work for most people mostly because the subscription price is a little much for what it provides.

I did the same test on the above three apps and the winner was Runtastic Pedometer followed by Noom Walk and Pedometer 2. These devices are small and lightweight. They provide good accuracy level and are quite handy. Some of them come with fashionable bracelet style. It feels like I log 5 miles a night!

I have tried both Noom Walk and Runtastic. I keep my phone in my back pants pocket and both apps seem to stop. Any tips? Thank you. Would it be possible to find out the algorithm used in apps such as Runstatic? I find that different app gives a different step count. When I got my iPhone 6 I started having issues with this app. I even deleted and re downloaded. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. You have explained in right way. Thanks for it. Is their any possible way to track the location via gps or something similar without affecting the battery power consumptions.

Thank you for the informative article on how steps are counted. When I activate the tracker, tracking is accurate, time is accurate, but distance is consistently overstated. In fact, it may be a coincidence, but the mileage logged is a fair representation of kilometers, even though I have the units set to miles. I had the same problem with the Sports Tracker app. Does this sound familiar? Your email address will not be published.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Here are some key steps for implementation for using the Step detector 1: This is probably the best app available and works quite well. It captures relatively accurate step counts,have a great user interface and captures the summary of your activities well. Noom Walk Pedometer: The only advantage of this app is that it use less battery as compared to other apps. But it does not have the lot of rich features like measuring distance, Speed and duration and detailed summary for checking your performance.