Top 20 ios 7 cydia tweaks

LastApp , a tweak on the BigBoss repo, brings Android like switching to jailbroken devices. There are a number of tweaks that let you close all the apps running in the background via the app switcher. But I like Sicarius the most as it not only lets you kill all apps with a swipe, but it also ads a cool 3D animation to the app switcher. It also offers options to control how it works. It removes unnecessary files such as message attachments, cookies, Safari cache, application cache and more. You need to add the exile90software.

It allows you to quickly tweet highlighted text or lookup highlighted text on Google Search, Wikipedia, Dictionary and Google Translate.

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One of my favorite features is clipboard history, which is a big time saver if you want to copy and paste multiple things at once. It also gives quick access to some of the commonly used punctuations and symbols when you tap the Shift key.

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It also allows you to customize the keys in the 5th row via the Settings app to any character you want. Nitrous is a jailbreak tweak, which as the name suggests enables Nitro Javascript engine in third-party apps, which should help in significantly improving the user experience on these apps. BatterySafe is a nifty little jailbreak tweak that automatically turns off power hungry features such as cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc your iPhone gets low on battery power. It is kind of pointless to watch videos in portrait mode. CleverPin makes passcode protection smarter or less annoying.

The best thing about jailbreaking is the ability to customize the look and feel of my iPhone. You no longer need to be greeted by the boring default look of the iOS. WinterBoard enables you to do just that, by allowing you to download custom themes from Cydia, that can be applied to completely change the look and feel of your iOS device. There are some really cool things you can do to transform your Lock screen with Cydget. Zepplin allows you to change the carrier logo on your jailbroken iPhone. Alkaline is another must-have tweak if you want to customize the look and feel of your jailbroken iPhone.

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BytaFont 2 allows you change the system font on your jailbroken iPhone. It allows you to change the font in apps, Lock screen, and more. Messages Customiser lets you customize almost every aspect of the Messages app such as the color of the message bubbles, customize the background, enable contact photos in list view and lots more.

You can check out Bigify, which is the free version of the tweak but offers limited features.

Top 20 Best Free iOS 7 Tweaks and Apps

I will also publish our favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks for the iPad soon. We would love to know your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks in Cydia, so please do drop us a line in the comments below. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. BioLockdown allows you to use your iPhone 5s TouchID sensor to lock apps, restrict settings, and more. With it enabled, a fingerprint is required to enable settings or launch apps. If you're looking for a tweak that'll launch certain apps with certain fingers, the upcoming Touchy is worth keeping your eye on and should be released within a week or so.

Status Bar Specific Jailbreak Tweaks

BiteSMS supercharges your messaging, allowing you to easily reply to incoming texts from anywhere in iOS, mark messages to read later, and plenty more. It's super powerful and has enough features that many people jailbreak just to use it. Add the http: If you want to change the font on your iOS device, BytaFont 2 is the easiest way to do it. After you install it, you can change the font in apps, on the lock screen, and more.

The fonts themselves are still getting updated for iOS 7 support, but the app is up and working so you can get to customizing your iOS device however you see fit. Search Cydia for BytaFont 2 to download and install it for free. As you might expect, the first thing jailbreak app developers went for was the new Control Center in iOS 7.

The Best Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7

A bunch of different tweaks and apps already exist to customize Control Center, but our favorite is CCControls. It has a ton of options: It's also very easy to use so you don't have to spend a ton of time setting it up. Search Cydia for CCControls to download and install it for free.

Just as you'd expect, CCHide allows you to remove different settings from Control Center, remove entire sections, and basically shrink down Control Center to just the options you want. It's simple, but does the job it sets out to do.

Top 30 Best Free Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 to iOS 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak

One note though: You can quickly delete all kinds of things that waste space, like message attachments, Safari cache, application cache, and more. Barrel adds animations to the homescreen that appears when users swipes to go from one page to another. There are tens of animations for this tweak. CyDelete makes it easier to delete applications that were downloaded from Cydia.

Its free. It also allows them to disable camera grabber, time and other elements of the lockscreen. CustomLS is free. This makes using the device less painful for the eyes. Flat Notes: It replaces the paper texture of the app with a plain white background. It is free. Fake Carrier: On non-iPhone devices it simply adds the user specified text in the status bar. It is free as well. GlowDock tweak adds a nice looking glow behind the icons of the iOS 7 dock. Just like its name suggests NoPageDots7 tweak removes the page indicators from the homescreen.

NoSwitcherIcons removes the icons that appear on the app switcher screen right below the app previews. There are no settings to configure and it is available for free. Photo Blackground: Photo Blackground adds a black background in the back when user is viewing photos replacing the usual white one. Its free, too. With Ringdom installed iOS users can set multiple ringtones at once. The selected ringtones are ringed randomly.

Ringdom is free in Cydia. The SBPowerAlert is a simple pop up that gives users option to reboot their device, turn it off, view available RAM, put it in safe mode and more. SBPowerAlert pop up can be accessed using an activator action.

Slide2Kill 7: The tweak has an option that allows users to exclude specific apps from being killed. SkipLock simply removes the lockscreen when there are no pending notifications or passcode protection allowing users to access their device simply by pressing the home button or the lock button. It is free, too. Share Widget for iOS 7: Users can press the button for Facebook or Twitter to quickly share a status on the popular social networking websites. This simple tweak removes the voicemail button from the Phone app. It is a blessing for those who do not use the Voicemail feature.

VoicemailRemoveriOS7 is a free tweak. The uncover team is currently privately beta testing the iOS 12 jailbreak among developers. Once the Following the release of iOS The Sileo package manager, which presents itself as an alternative to Cydia store has finally been Apple has released iOS However if Subscribe to our mailing list.

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