Android flappy bird high score hack

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View more posts. The game is available for Android and iOS devices. It has over 50 million users just on Android. This was my high score before changing.

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This is my high score after changing. Facebook Twitter Email Print Pocket. Flappy Bird Cheats: Aditya Bhat. Flappy Bird was taken down on 10 February.

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Trick to set your own Flappy Bird high score on Android

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Install Flappy Birds app. Making the Bird Invincible 1.

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Launch the game but don't press the Start option. Press the Home button.

Flappy Bird Hack / Cheats - How to Get a High Score!

Now launch the iFile app you've downloaded earlier. Scroll down the iFile app then select a folder named "var". Inside the "var folder, scroll down to find "mobile" folder then select it.

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Now select "Applications" folder inside the "mobile" folder. Inside the "Flappy Bird" folder, select "Flap. Use the Text Viewer option instead of Drive to open the details. After you've edited the numbers, save the text document file.